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Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) is one of the worlds largest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications. We are teaching our Veterans and community members how to use SAP in a supportive environment.

Anyone can learn SAP - and we can teach anyone who wants to learn. If you want to know more about SAP ERP and join a community focused on doing the same then this is the community for you.

Your questions, our answers

What is SAP?
SAP is just a huge database with eye popping Big Data Management and Analytics Capabilities.
What is ERP?
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to a type of software that organizations use to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management and compliance, and supply chain operations. A complete ERP suite also includes enterprise performance management, software that helps plan, budget, predict, and report on an organization’s financial results. ERP systems tie together a multitude of business processes and enable the flow of data between them. By collecting an organization’s shared transactional data from multiple sources, ERP systems eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single source of truth. Today, ERP systems are critical for managing thousands of businesses of all sizes and in all industries. To these companies, ERP is as indispensable as the electricity that keeps the lights on.
Can I invite my friends?
Absolutely! The more, the merrier.
Does my location matter?
Nope! We have a community of people from all over the world
Can Anyone learn SAP ERP?
Is this free?
The community is completely free to engage in, the courses we offer on SAP are only free to veterans, veterans spouses, neurodiverse people and indigenous communities..

Access worldwide career opportunities in SAP.

SAP is one of the most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems in the world. It’s used by over 100,000 companies and has a market share of 19% with $24 billion in annual revenue.

We can help you become fluent in SAP by providing a structured approach to learning this complex software package. Our course is designed specifically for people who have military experience - which translates well into using ERP systems like SAP. And we offer live instructor led training as well as online courses that let you learn at home at your own pace from anywhere around the world.

World class mentors and an inclusive community of learners.

Our group of experts has tackled the most difficult problems in ERP and we've shared our proven solutions with each other so that we all get better faster.

Leverage your military skill sets in this community of mentors and learners where you'll find actionable advice from people who have been there before.

Anyone can learn SAP ERP - we will teach you

SAP is the most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in the world, and it has a reputation for being hard to learn.

You don't need any technical experience or college degree - just persistence and dedication!

We'll show you how easy it is to start even if you have no knowledge of business management whatsoever, by the end of the course you'll be able to confidently operate in the SAP ERP world.

Industry Experienced Mentors

Learn from people with real world experience.

Access to thousands of jobs

Access thousands of jobs worldwide across the whole SAP suite of products.

Join an active dedicated community

Chat in real time with industry experienced mentors and learners at all levels.

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Swap tall tales and ERP stories with other veterans in SAP all over the world.

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Over 3,000 customers across all industries including 80% of the Fortune Global 500 rely on SAP solutions to run their businesses effectively and efficiently.

Huge global SAP Job Market

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For Veterans, By Veterans.

We are WithYouWithMe. An organization focused on supporting veterans, veteran spouses, neurodiverse and indigenous persons. Our mission is to solve underemployment by helping our community discover what they're naturally good at and get into tech jobs. We work with some really cool companies and are also veteran gamers at heart.


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